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Source Reviewed:

A Look at Canada (Minister of Public Works and Government Services Canada, 2003).


Future Canadian Citizens, ESL teachers, ESL students


School and Society Issues


The resource has been designed to meet the needs of future Canadian citizens in their preparation for Citizenship Test. It is of no lesser value to ESL teachers and ESL students in their collaborative effort to explore such topics as Canadian Citizenship, which includes the discussion of Canadian values as a democratic society, elaboration of issues related to good environmental citizenship. The booklet provides information on the Canadian population, on government in Canada, election and voting procedures; it also gives an account of Canadian Justice system, Citizenship rights and responsibilities. The Citizenship Test questions supplied in the resource can guide the preparation for Citizenship exam/interview or may be used as checklists in the classroom environment.


The material is presented in a clear understandable language, which might be especially appreciated by the prospective Canadian citizens, whose English is somewhat limited.

While being appreciated for its concise language and clarity in organizing and presenting the material, the resource offers sufficient details to be dealt with in an ESL class.

Among other merits of the resource is the provision of the information page with telephone numbers and additional resources about Canada.




I find this and other resources of Citizenship and Immigration Canada (including the Government of Canada Web site www.Canada.gc.ca) to be highly informative and easily accessible for both individual studies and for designing classroom activities.

Your Recommendations:

I would recommend this resource to recent immigrants who have applied for Canadian citizenship or are planning to apply. I would also recommend it to ESL teachers teaching low-intermediate and intermediate students and looking for authentic material on the themes of Citizenship, Canadian government, Justice system, Citizenship Rights and Responsibilities. The booklet page on voting procedures and the referenced Web site www.elections.ca might be used for creating handouts and for simulating the election procedures in the classroom setting. Citizenship Test questions might also be used for creating checklists or writing rubric descriptors to be used for teaching and evaluating purposes.
I would definitely recommend ESL teachers (especially NNS) to study this and other related resources to be able to incorporate these recommendations into their daily practices with the necessary modifications, adaptations and possible improvisations.

Submitted by: Tatyana Ryaboshapko


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